Thursday, June 19, 2014

Busy Hands

You may not necessarily be an anxious person but there is something about repetitive movement that helps calm your nerves and relax you. Muscle memory can store these movements in order to make the motions low key for your brain. Less thinking and more zoning out equals quite the relaxed state.

You can achieve this state through other means, meditation, yoga, breathing, etc. But my thinking is why not choose a form of relaxation that can also give you a sweater. Right? Who doesn't want to walk away less stressed and have a beautiful/useful scarf to show for it?

If you are interested in a few more details of the benefits of knitting take a look at this site or do a little research of your own and store up these facts for yourself and for the next person who says they're stressed. It helps that you get to play with gorgeous yarn too. So come on in and relax with us.