Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Knitting Spots

Do you have that perfect knitting/crochet spot? You know, the one you sit in whenever you're working on a project. The one that is surrounded with yarn baskets and project bags. This is YOUR spot and it's where you do all of your creating.

These spots are where we feel most comfortable and relaxed and ready to play with some wool. Once in a while though, it might be a good idea to create elsewhere. Maybe take up the comfy chair at a coffee shop or a spot under a shady tree at the park or even a nice cozy seat at your local yarn shop.

We have plenty of seats here for you to snuggle up on and lots of yarn to surround yourself with to make sure you are at your best when creating those lovely projects.  So if you're feeling like getting out but still want a spot that feels comfortable for you, come check us out. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Your Signiture Color

We all have that one color that we gravitate to when we're in the yarn shop. It may not even be "our" color but we have tubs and tubs of it. Some may feel guilty about this but others accept their color weakness with open arms.

What I wonder is should we branch out? Now you may be sitting there thinking, I branch out, I branch out all the time. Let me go ahead and say that colors you pick up for projects intended for people other than yourself don't count. Nice try. I'm talking about the project yarn that you have just for you.

Here is what I propose, go for it, get that yarn but maybe throw in an 'every third' rule. Every third purchase or every third project, branch out. Go for that odd color you never grab or one that compliments your favorite color.  This allows you to satisfy your need for that certain color while developing a well rounded FO stash, and if it all fits together then wahoo, you win everything. So go ahead, give it a whirl.