Friday, August 29, 2014

The Men

This post is for the men in our fiber filled lives. Those men that put up with quite a bit that we may be too wool laden to see. Think about it, do your projects tend to explode all over your living room? There is usually limited seating or coffee table space for others and it may look something like this:

This one's for you bro.
Or what about the yarn stashing? You know what I'm talking about, every little crevice is hiding your latest purchase. They open a drawer expecting a notepad and some pens and they get a lace shawl setup instead. The poor guy can't even turn on a light without finding some yarn peaking out from somewhere.

What the?
Poor guy can't even have a clear corner.
And what about the benefits they should be receiving from being with a knitter? A few nice, hand made objects right? But time and again they fall victim to the overzealous knitter who forgets to measure:

It can double as a sleeping bag
Don't worry man, we may miss it time and again but we appreciate your patience and your ability to nod your head when we go off about loosely plied cotton or for looking the other way when we purchase our 18th sweater set-up to be stored for later. You are a gem in your own right.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Knitting Jewelry

Sometimes you just need to represent that you are a die-hard knitter or maybe when you can't tote around a project for whatever reason you still want to be able to show that you know your way around a couple of needles, either way, knitting themed jewelry is quite fun and is what will be shown today.

First up, earrings. These studs offer a minimal jewelry choice that gives not only a pop of color but a fun way to represent your love for the craft.
Designer: NeatEats on Etsy
Price: $22.47

Next, an interesting ring that literally lets you wear your tools. This knitting needle ring is unique and quite the conversation starter.
Designer: YellowBearWares on Etsy
Price: $18.16

If you want something a little more classic and toned down, this pendant is an excellent choice. It gets the point across that you are a knitter while adding some style to your outfit.
Designer: The Pendantry on Etsy
Price: $13.80

And last but not least, our most provocative option, a belly-button ring. Now this may not be an obvious option but for those of you who took the plunge at the turn of the century and stuck a needle through your tummy then this is for you. I mean a true knitter isn't scared of a needle right? Also, these may be hard to find when you want to show some knitterly love when you bare your midriff.
Designer: BitsOffTheBeach on Etsy
Price: $12

Maybe this was helpful for gift ideas or maybe now you're all set to add to your wardrobe a few fun jewelry pieces that express your crafty side, either way, we hope you enjoyed.