Thursday, August 7, 2014

Knitting Jewelry

Sometimes you just need to represent that you are a die-hard knitter or maybe when you can't tote around a project for whatever reason you still want to be able to show that you know your way around a couple of needles, either way, knitting themed jewelry is quite fun and is what will be shown today.

First up, earrings. These studs offer a minimal jewelry choice that gives not only a pop of color but a fun way to represent your love for the craft.
Designer: NeatEats on Etsy
Price: $22.47

Next, an interesting ring that literally lets you wear your tools. This knitting needle ring is unique and quite the conversation starter.
Designer: YellowBearWares on Etsy
Price: $18.16

If you want something a little more classic and toned down, this pendant is an excellent choice. It gets the point across that you are a knitter while adding some style to your outfit.
Designer: The Pendantry on Etsy
Price: $13.80

And last but not least, our most provocative option, a belly-button ring. Now this may not be an obvious option but for those of you who took the plunge at the turn of the century and stuck a needle through your tummy then this is for you. I mean a true knitter isn't scared of a needle right? Also, these may be hard to find when you want to show some knitterly love when you bare your midriff.
Designer: BitsOffTheBeach on Etsy
Price: $12

Maybe this was helpful for gift ideas or maybe now you're all set to add to your wardrobe a few fun jewelry pieces that express your crafty side, either way, we hope you enjoyed.

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