Friday, April 10, 2015

Favorite Stitches and Why

Garter - Knit every row. In the round, knit one row, purl one row.

It's a soft squishy texture that doesn't take much concentration but it's bouncy, "double pain" fabric make for a comfortable, warm garment or accessory. Looking for a travel project? A super warm scarf? Or want something to lay flat? Garter stitch is the way to go.

Cables - twisting stitches to lay over one another.

With anything, you throw a cable in there it looks classy. It may eat up more yarn but if you want to jazz up a plain piece, put a cable on it. They chart well and make your knitting interesting without getting too complex. Think of any traditional or sophisticated looking knitting and most likely it has a cable on it.

 Short Rows - a method of knitting where you stop short of a full row, turn your work and knit back. It creates dimension, depth, curves or allows for shaping with different colors. Prime examples, sock heels, earflaps or collars.

This technique or stitch allows you to do so much to your knitting. It gives you the option to have your garments fit better or have the extra shaping you were looking for without having to knit an extra piece. It really grants you the ability to play with color and shapes.