Friday, September 20, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

This season change, cool nights and the threat of a storm have really got me contemplating yarn......yarn is always on my mind but never more than when the weather is changing for the cooler.

The possibilities are endless. My hands crave alpaca, or the structure of wool, how about a little tweed, oh I know, something hand dyed. I just can't decide.

 Think of all the patterns I can knit from Botanical Knits with a nice yarn. The oohs and ahhs from passersby would be inevitable but I think I could handle the attention. The ladies in the yarn shop petting my sleeves while simultaneously asking where I got the yarn would be welcome.

Accessories!!!  Those whip up fast. I could have all new woolen accessories in no time. I would look that storm in the face and laugh while I play with my perfectly stitched colorwork cowl. Bed head would no longer be a problem with all the cute hats I'd have to wear.

Yep, the possibilities are endless.

Friday, September 6, 2013

4 Months

Yeah, it's super hot outside still and yeah, it seems like a long ways away but Christmas, for a knitter, is just around the corner.

You have four months to get your affairs in order so get that list together and come on by the shop and we'll hook you up. :)

We love hearing about what you intend to make for others and see what yarns you pick out, so please share with us what you'll be doing. Also, it helps us build out repertoire of ideas for ourselves and for others.

Remember that we do gift cards and can help you throw together a fun package for a knitter/crocheter if you don't happen to knit/crochet yourself.

Monday, September 2, 2013


The winner of our "Name The Goat" contest is Barb Eckerfield! So without further adieu:

Meet Mo Hair

There were so many awesome entries but unfortunately there could only be one winner. This was a tough decision but we loved Mo Hair so much that we just had to name him this.

Barb received a scarf pattern book, a small notion holder bag, wool wash and miscellaneous notions. All in all a great gift for a great name. 

Here are all the entries in no particular order:

Misura Bianca :: white gauge
Mo Hair
Tink or Tinky
Soth (short for Sweater On The Hoof)
Billy the Kid
Kid Rock
Tweed or Tweedy
Ali Baa Baa
Golly Gee Goat
Moe O'Hare
Kid Mohair

Thanks for playing and keep an eye out for any other contests .:) Also, come on by and say hi to Mo Hair!