Friday, October 24, 2014

New Scarf Set Up

I think you might remember the Starry Night Shawl that we've had displayed at the shop. It's a gorgeous, elegant shawl that incorporates three very special yarns. If you are looking for something for a night out or to make as a special gift then look no further.

Now we know it's gorgeous in the blue but the whole point of me bringing up this shawl again is that we received new colors for it yesterday. Behold:

We move from the cool tones to the warm and we're loving it. If you wanted to make this shawl as more of an everyday piece then this should do the trick. This yarn doesn't just have to be used for this shawl as well, you can think of some new lovies to incorporate these wonderful yarns.

The shawl pattern is available with purchase of the yarn. Come on in and give it another look.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Shawl, Scarf or Something In Between?

It’s that time, there is a little nip in the air in the evening and you’re looking to your FOs for a little warmth. The nip isn’t quite enough to solicit a sweater and you happen to be having a fantastic hair day so a hat is out, what’s left? A scarf, a shawl? Why not both?

Sometimes you wish your scarf was large enough to wrap around your shoulders when the temperature decides to plummet or you wish your shawl was small enough to wrap around your neck or tuck into your jacket when you want to be hands free or smother yourself in fine wool. The solution is a sharf, a scarf/shawl.  It’s an inbetweener and a perfect fit, also a lot of fun to make.

We have three fantastic options that you can Goldilocks your way through:

Option 1, Small:

 Pattern: Mezquita Shawl
Designer: Roxanna Yeun

Option 2, Medium:

Pattern: Color Affection
Designer: Veera Valimaki

Option 3, Large:

Designer: Suzanne Shaw

Whichever way you go, these are great solutions for the chillier weather and will look fantastic with any outfit. :)