Friday, October 24, 2014

New Scarf Set Up

I think you might remember the Starry Night Shawl that we've had displayed at the shop. It's a gorgeous, elegant shawl that incorporates three very special yarns. If you are looking for something for a night out or to make as a special gift then look no further.

Now we know it's gorgeous in the blue but the whole point of me bringing up this shawl again is that we received new colors for it yesterday. Behold:

We move from the cool tones to the warm and we're loving it. If you wanted to make this shawl as more of an everyday piece then this should do the trick. This yarn doesn't just have to be used for this shawl as well, you can think of some new lovies to incorporate these wonderful yarns.

The shawl pattern is available with purchase of the yarn. Come on in and give it another look.

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