Thursday, July 24, 2014


Now whenever people call for directions we say, "We're located in the Rocky Ridge Town Center" and when there's silence we ask, "Do you know where Macaroni Grill is?" This usually does the trick and people know right where to find us.

I just thought I would write a little blurb about what else is in the Rocky Ridge Town Center for you to enjoy when you stop by the Goat. The next big name is BevMo, if you're throwing a party, this is the place to go. Come Friday this place has quite a few hosts dropping in for their evening's drinks.

Food, we all love food and there are some nice little shops to indulge yourself. Starbucks, Noah's Bagels, Dos Coyotes and Jamba Juice. There are more but these seems to be the ones customers and ourselves frequent the most.

Last but not least are Petroglyph, Learning Express and the Bead Shop. If you're looking for activities then why not paint your very own bowl or mug? They do parties and it's a super fun weekend activity. We have so many people come in with Learning Express bags who have picked up a gift for their niece/nephew or grandchild that rave about Learning Express. Seems to be the place to go for children's toys.

And of course the Bead Shop!!! What knitter/crocheter doesn't like to dabble in some beads? They're colorful, shiny and small. There are tons of lovely patterns that require beads that can encompass a love of both fiber and beads.

Hope this helps to entice you to another visit to Got Your Goat now that you know of a couple other places to throw into your time here. 

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