Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who will win?

Cindy vs. Cori, who will win in the battle of the sweater knitting???

In one corner we have Cindy, the sassy owner of Got Your Goat Yarn Studio who somehow finds time in her busy schedule to bust out multiple projects.

In the other corner we have Cori, the teacher, who can sit and knit for 8 hours straight no problem, who too holds down multiple jobs.

Both have the skills necessary to leave the other in their dust but only one can win.

This sweater battle consists of two sweaters.

Sweater 1:

 Pattern: Bergen
Designer: Tonia Berry

Sweater 2:

Pattern: Worsted Boxy
Designer: Joji Locatelli

Place your bets ladies and gents as the competition has already begun!

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