Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cascading Ideas

As you may have seen we got some new Cascade in yesterday. 220 Superwash Sport and Alpaca Lace.

I've got two words for you, soft and pretty. :) This stuff is just lovely and we got in some great colors. We even have more of the 220 Sport coming. Now if you're having trouble thinking of things to make with it, don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some things we came up with.

For the 220 Superwash Sport:

Pattern: Andrea's Shawl
Designer: Kirsten Kapur

Designer: Grumperina

Pattern: Ida's Kitchen
Designer: Kirsten Kapur

Don't those just look fun? Simple but still fun, great fall or Christmas projects. The Shifting Sands Scarf is huge on Pinterest, just in case you were trying to think of where you've seen it before. 
For the Alpaca Lace:

Pattern: Citron
Designer: Hilary Smith Callis

Designer: Hannah Fettig

Pattern: Flutter Scarf
Designer: Miriam L. Felton

You don't always have to do shawls with lace, I mean we threw in the Citron because it is just wonderful and practical while still being delicate and feminine. However, you can still do a garment and the Featherweight Cardigan is just the ticket. We happen to have copies of that pattern in the shop. 

Also, to continue my tweed kick, Rowan finally posted pictures of their new patterns for the Rowan Tweed we ordered. 

We bought all the yarn necessary to make this little number. You may have to fight me for a set-up. ;)

That's all from us here for today. We hope you find some of this inspirational and remember, we have the yarn you need!

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