Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Madelinetosh

Dear Miss Tosh,

     Remember the days we used to play together? You remember lace charts, ball winders, needles and blocking mats? Ok, so the blocking mats may not have been your favorite but beauty is pain. Back to the point, I miss you. It's been so long since I've seen your gorgeous colors or daydreamed about how you'll look in certain sweaters.....I mean I still daydream but I can only take so much teasing. You need to come back to me, you need to bring your beautiful hanks back around these parts because, and I don't mean to be rude, I'm starting to look to others for my needs.

    I mean you remember that Malabrigo? Yeah well I'm starting to think I mean a little more to them than to you. At least they show up every once and a while, and Cascade, oh Cascade, you may look down on their non-kettle ways but I'm telling you, all I have to do is pick up a phone. I don't mean to sound threatening, this isn't a competition, it's just you're the one but these guys understand it's a two way street.

   Would it help if I said I got some new knitting bags? I kept your delicate colors in mind and there are all different sizes. You would have space of your own. I promise I wouldn't smoosh in any of the other guys with you. Just you and me back together again. Know that I have great patterns printed out and just waiting for your amazing touch to bring them to life. Until then......



  1. I can't believe they are still starving you!
    As a small business owner, I feel your frustration.
    Being on the bottom of a suppliers food chain is very frustrating. Many companies just don't seem to care how many customers they alienate, which I find really confusing in this economy.
    If Miss Tosh happens to read this, all I can say is:
    I will no longer support your products if you can't support my most favorite yarn shop, which of course is Got Your Goat Yarn Studio.

  2. Just love your letter, my thoughts exactly. Waiting ever so patiently!!

  3. Thank you ladies for the support, she finally arrived but we now know how to deal with her.

  4. We are here for you Cindy ... and we are so pleased you are joining us for the tee KAL! :)