Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Knitting Mojo

   So we all know we can get into those grooves where you find knitting everywhere, and I mean everywhere. You walk into your office and there are piles of patterns with notes scribbled all over them and small remnants of yarn attached that are waiting to be entered into your ravelry account. Your bedside table has skeins of yarn that you have been contemplating, the kitchen table may have a project or two being blocked and your couch.....oh your couch, it is covered in every knitting tool you own along with all your current W.I.P. Sound familiar?

I must say that I have been guilty of this a time or two and it just means that my knitting mojo is in full swing but during the summer months it can tend to fade. How do we keep it up and essentially beat the heat? Change to cooler feeling materials, cotton, linen, acrylics or blends of all of the above. Keep inspiration high, browse through project pages or LYS shops or even completed projects. Dig through your stash and fall in love all over again with those beautiful skeins. 

Either way, use a little effort to rekindle your love for knitting, trust me, it doesn't take much to get the fire burning again. :)

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