Friday, December 5, 2014

Get To Knitting!!!

19 days, just 19 days until old Saint Nick is supposed to come down the chimney and this means that if you are still planning on knitting a little something for someone it needs to be a quick project. We have put together a list of easy, fast projects to whip up on the fly.

Each of these projects either uses worsted or bulky yarn and the yardage is between 87-300 yards. Not much needed in order to keep your time and money investment low.

Project: Barley
Designer: Tin Can Knits

Project: Thorpe
Designer: Kirsten Kapur

Project: Garter Gaiter
Designer: Purl Soho

Project: Fields of Wheat
Designer: Varant Ekmekjian

Project: Warmest Mitts
Desinger: Kris Percival

Designer: Devin Joesting

Project: Extra
Designer: Janka Colombo

So there you have it, if you were stuck before you should be all set now. Bust out those needles and get to work!

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