Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Local Inspiration

Aren't these gorgeous? Wisteria happen to grow right outside our shop and it's that time of year for them to bloom to their beautiful purple and ripple in the wind.

Since the color and flowers are mesmerizing, I thought I would put together a project based on this lovely vine.

Designer: Mam'zelle Flo

Yarn: Ballad by Jojoland, 100% Wool
Colors: Deep Lavender (268), Quiet Green (413)

 The light striping in the beginning of the pattern allows you to bring the subtle green of the Wisteria Vine and the then the purple just amps up the beauty for the main part of the shawl. It's an interesting piece to knit and it's always fun making something inspired by something else. Makes for a good story.
"Why did you choose this project." "Because it reminds me of Wisteria." "Oh my goodness, it totally does!" See what I'm saying? If you feel like taking a whack at it, come on in and we'll hook you up or come up with a project using your own inspirations. 

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