Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sock Yarn!!!

We just got a huge order from Cascade and it came with quite a bit of sock yarn. I don't know about you but sock yarn has a way of making me giddy.  Solid, tonal, striped, varigated, I love it all.  Lately I have been building up my varigated statsh and realized that for a lot of patterns either solids or a mixture of solids is what would make it really pop.  Well, luckily that's what we got in.

Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn is soft, affordable and comes in a plethora of colors, if you don't see what you want here, we can order it for you!  Also, sock yarn isn't just for socks.  If you want a lightweight, delicate knit sock yarn is the way to go.  Here are some pattern ideas that might get your sock yarn frenzy fired up:

Pattern: Murgröna
Designer: Joanna Nordstrnand
Yarn Requirement: Fingering Weight, 425yds
Needle: US 1

Pattern: Mizzle
Designer: Patricia Clift Martin
Yarn Requirement: Fingering Weight, 400-800yds
Needles: US6, US8

Designer: Purl Soho
Yarn Requirement: Fingering Weight, 150-230yds
Needle: US4

Pattern: Falling Water
Designer: Bonnie Sennott
Yarn Requirement: Fingering Weight, 300-400yds
Needle: US5

We are looking into putting together a sock knitting class if you happen to love sock yarn but have yet to make a sock.  Don't be intimidated, you will do just fine and have a beautiful pair of hand knit socks to show for all of your hard work.  In the meantime, make up a shawl or scarf or baby hat and have a blast. Come on in and look at what we've got. I hope this has inspired you. :)

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