Friday, March 16, 2012

Technique Classes

We are looking at the schedule for next month and are thinking about adding some technique classes...........Which should we do?  What's there a need for? What do people have trouble with? All of these questions are running through our minds as we look at April.  So, we come to you for suggestions.  Let us know what you're thinking, your opinions are very helpful.

 If you are drawing a blank let us involve you in our brain storm.  We were thinking a class on colorwork, Intarsia or Fairisle.  A class on knitting in the round, whether that deals with circulars, DPNs, Magic Loop or all three we don't know yet. There was also mention of putting together a sock class. 

Well, what do you think?  Anything to add? Or do they all sound so good you just want to know where to sign up? ;) Brain storm along with us or turn on our light bulbs with your bright ideas, we look forward to hearing some feedback.  Thanks for stopping by for some Goat News.


  1. Magic loop would be definately on my list. Knitting in the round for new knitters or knitters that have directional issues:) how about my issue, baggy pearls. I know this is not related to the class and I tried knitting on the tip of my needle and it helps a little. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. This is a fantastic suggestion. We definitely see a need for this with knitters in the beginning stages.

    As for the baggy purls, some people like to go down a needle size for their purl rows to even out their knitting as they continue to work on their tension. Blocking also does wonders for your finished pieces and making your stitches look uniform. Mainly, practice, practice, practice. You'll fool around with different ways to hold your yarn and needles and eventually it will even out.

    Thanks for your input!