Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Movie Night

We are going to be having a movie night!!!!!!  This will be happening all summer long actually but let's just focus on June for a sec. Now I know there are quite a few fiber-holics out there that also happen to be Harry Potter fans...........just admit it, you wish you had gotten an owl with an invitation to Hogwarts.

Well, we thought we'd send you out an invitation to our Harry Potter Movie Night sans owl but fun nonetheless. On June 8th we will be watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at the shop!

 We'll get everything set up nice and comfortable for ya and have lovely, magical snacks to nibble on. Butterbeer anyone? Also, we'll be knitting a Harry Potter themed item that you can either join in on or bring whatever UFO you can find.

House Scarf
Of course you have the option of the ever practical House Scarf. Some of you might even have this on the needles already. ;)

Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat
 A quick, lovely option would be Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat. Doesn't take much yarn, easy to follow and you could have it done by the end of the movie.

Hermione's Everyday Socks

Or for those of you who want to get serious, or want to start something that will last you until the next Harry Potter themed Movie Night (June 22nd), you can always take up the Hermione's Everyday Socks option. I'm telling you.....this is quite tempting. ;)

Again, this will be happening on June 8th starting at 5pm and ending when the movie ends. We hope you can make it in your Harry Potter gear or come ready to make some gear. We always welcome home made treats or a quick Smallcakes pick-up, either way, we'll be here getting our fiber on in front of the tube with the infamous Harry Potter. 

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