Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sale Recap

We had quite the fun time this past weekend during our Mother's Day Sale. We had discounts, giveaways, snacks, and fun visitors. 

Thank you to all who brought yummy treats. That was so thoughtful of you, we really appreciated it. And Peg, you really outdid yourself girl, those cupcakes were phenomenal. Most people thought it was actual yarn until we told them it was edible.  Very impressive.

Peg's yummy cupcakes
We had a bouquet of flowers with colored stems that indicated your discount, anywhere from 20% to 30% off.  We had a few 30% winners that got quite a deal on their sweater set-ups. Not too bad.

As a close to our sale we had a fun little visitor, Michelle's dog Hopper came in to say hi. This little guy was just too cute with his tiny growl and spiked color. He would huff and puff and then lay down in your lap. ;)


We hope all those who came enjoyed themselves and that we'll see you again soon!

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