Friday, August 31, 2012

Socks, An Addiction

We live in socks throughout the winter. We buy cute ones with fun colors, warm. or themed socks but why not knit ourselves the perfect pair that encompasses all of these attributes? Maybe you think they take too long to knit or you don't want to deal with double points. Well, why not knit them using the magic loop method?

If you know how to do this already then September's Knit-A-Long is the one for you! We are making simple, vanilla magic loop socks. We have fun yarn, striped yarn, solid yarn, whatever your little heart desires in order to dress up these vanilla socks.

 The magic loop method makes sock knitting a breeze. You have a pair of socks to keep your little toes warm before you know it. In order to participate in the KAL you just need to know how to do magic loop and how to make a sock, we'll go through the pattern together.

The pattern is called Beginner Socks for Magic Loop, it's free on Raverly. You'll just need a ball of sock yarn with some decent yardage and US 2 circular needles at least 24" long. Hope to see you at the shop September 6th at 5pm. :)

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