Friday, February 7, 2014

Enjoying Your Hard Work

A lot of us, beginners especially I've noticed, give our hand made stuff away like lottery tickets. You just get so excited about what you did and want someone else to enjoy it too. Well, every once in a while we keep some things for ourselves, as it should be. That gorgeous hand knit sweater, or fluffy cowl or crocheted blanket just makes you happy that you resisted the urge to hand it over to someone else.

This weather always seems to bring out the crafter in us and we dive into our stashes or go on a yarn crawl and put together our next project. Casting on becomes a sport and you end up with 13 new projects, but let's not forget our completed projects during this dreary/wonderful weather either. Take a stroll in your closet and admire your work. Wear it out and combat the chill in the air like a champ.

We would love to see your gorgeous work too, so come and parade it around the shop for everyone to enjoy. :)

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