Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Love

I don't know about you but my mom used to give me a little present on Valentine's Day and I would always look forward to it. It would be a little bit of candy or a small accessory or nick knack, whatever it was, it was always wrapped festively.

You may already have your gift for your special someone or for your daughter but if you haven't wrapped it here are some last minute knitting ideas to give it some flare.
Designer: Elizabeth Murphy

Whether you want to put it on a card, like they suggest, or string it around your wrapped gift (below) its a cute little something extra for your loved one.

Another suggestion that you can just use as general decoration around the house or if you are planning to give your "heart" to someone, this is a great pattern.

Pattern: Little Hearts
Designer: Teresa Fox

Either way you  choose to go, we hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day and that you and your loved ones enjoy some good fiber. :)

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