Thursday, January 29, 2015

Resolution Review

It's the end of January and those resolutions have had some time to settle in and be tested. How are they holding up? Rethinking that pledge to not buy any new yarn? Or possibly giving up coke or sugar or caffeine now seems like a bad idea?

We didn't make any resolutions as a group here but we do see the benefits of taking the New Year as a time to re-situate yourself for the next 12 months.

If I were to make some knitting resolutions, they would go something like this:

1. I resolve to bust out my gift/stamp cards and indulge myself with some Alpaca and possibly a new bag. Seriously, I have my eye on both of these things.

2. I resolve to keep my greasy snacking to a minimum while I'm knitting, either that or invest in some really awesome paper towels.

3. I resolve to finish all of my works in prog..........I can't even finish that sentence, all of my bags of W.I.P. are laughing at me.

4. I resolve to invest in some good audio books and give my TV a break while I'm knitting. Maybe I'll learn something too, nah, fiction here I come.

5. I resolve to tell my husband about every yarn purchase I make this year.......dun, dun duunnnn. That will definitely keep the stash at a minimum.

I think five resolution ought to do it. If by now you have conquered your resolutions or feel like adding a few more or hey, you want to start, feel free to pick up any of these. Good luck with your reformation!

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