Friday, October 19, 2012


I don't know if you missed it last time but the yarn tasting with Cascade was a blast and we have another one of these little shindigs tonight at 5pm but this time with Alchmey Yarn. Here's what you missed and an idea of what you'll see this time:

You'll see yarn, obviously, but you don't just look, you get to knit with a bit of it too! You get to see what you like and feel different fiber blends. Bring some needles and have some fun.

Examples of the yarn knit up in garments and projects. This gives you a better idea of how a particular yarn would look in a big project.

Food!!!  We always like to have a little something for you and this is quite the event so we have a lot of something for you. Yum........If you just came for the food and company I wouldn't blame you.

And last but certainly not least there were give-aways.......and their might be some this time too. ;) Good yarn and possibly some for free?????? Come on now, that's pretty awesome.

We hope to see you here tonight at 5pm and that's you find a little something you like.

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