Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a Blast!

If you missed our Alchemy trunk show last week, we have some highlights to share with you here.  We had a blast, ate some great food, and tried on some exquisite garments designed and created by Alchemy.  And prizes, did we mention prizes?

You can't have a great party without great food.  Delictable Delights provided by Iron Grill Korean BBQ.

The prizes weren't too shabby either.  Autographed books by Gina Wilde are always a winner!  Lucky Sara!

Special Thanks to Jan Hurwitz, Gina and Austin Wilde for providing us with some of the most UHHHMAZING fibers available anywhere on the planet.  You guys are the BEST!

If you special ordered some of these special yarns that night we're expecting them in about 3 weeks.  We hope everyone had a great time!

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